Newsletter – December 2012

Well the burning question is how good is the next year’s rally course?

I hope these pictures can give some answers.

APC RALLY 14 days MAY 18th 2013
































We have decided that after two successful rally’s that we can now make the courses more technical . In the first couple of years we were worried that riders would not be able to locate single tracks and smaller 4wd tracks because the concept of using GPS units to navigate a 7000 km course was new. When designing a course it is very difficult to design a course that suites all riders ability. This year we will have an APC rally course that will be demanding and a definite challenge. The completion medal will really something to those who complete the whole course. Riders will be offered easy options around the technical sections but to say you completed the rally you must complete all the sections.

In the past we cut out technical sections because we were worried about riders with limited ability ,with this course we are making sure that there are some easier technical sections,” feeler sections” before the harder ones so riders can make their own informed decisions as to whether they should enter the more technical sections.

At this stage I would suggest that only about 40 riders in Australia would have enough ability to ride a 800-1000cc bike around the whole course. Most riders on 450-650cc bikes would find the course a blast. We will need riders to lighten their loads as much as possible. What has made this course really interesting is the local knowledge that we have received from riders who are wanting to help us. Special mention needs to go out to Old Bull Trailriders .I plan to name sections after guys and girls who have helped us. Old bull trailriders forum link click here

Some key points for riders setting up bikes for 2013

Planning Fuel range :320 km

Minimum camping gear required for safety: Sleeping bag and space blanket, cigarette lighter

Minimum water to be carried 4 litres.

There will be plenty of pubs.

I would recommend that riders carry the following cloths extra to their ride gear.

Jeans, shoes, polar fleece,2 t shirts ,3 pairs of socks, cap ( no more and no less is the advice )

Trip Preparation different to previous years.

1. Service rear shock and get a heavier spring if you are over 85 kgs

2. Turn up fit or pay the price.

3. Make sure phones and cloths are completely waterproof at all times.

4. Bikes need to be ready to get some “airtime” there are 1 million whoops in the mountain section that last for 10 days.

5. A GPS unit that can follow tracks rather routes could be an advantage. Because we have so many minor tracks that are not located on any maps we will use a lot of track points to mark the course. Here is a brief explanation on how this stuff works.

A Garmin Zumo will only navigate using a route. Each route can have 200 via points and the GPS can hold 50 routes in total. There for we have 10,000 points to show you the course. A GPS that can use tracks can hold 50 tracks but each track can have 10,000 via points so there for a course can be marked very accurately using 500,000 points.

The GPS units that I would recommend for this course are the GARMIN MONTANA and then the GARMIN 62s they both use tracks. If you can find a GARMIN 60csx they are an older unit that work well as well. Riders with Zumos will still be able to do the course ,I am using one when doing the pre run.

In the first year that we ran the APC rally we lost 1500 km of course due to flooding. Many of the riders who entered the first years rally were hardcore adventure riders who could organize a good ride themselves , they entered to support the rally concept and we are very grateful . We really hope they can do this course because their comments and feedback have been used to create this new course. I would like to give riders with limited ability the reassurance that there are easy options around the harder technical sections. In many cases a rider that takes an easy option will save 2-4 hours so mates who plan on travelling together with different ability levels will still be able to ride most the course together and meet at the same pubs at night. Expert riders who have finished the course in 10 days should not expect to do the same next year. When doing the pre run I found that I had to manage the fatigue on my motorbike a lot more than the past . I think that this course will punish the fast guys who push too hard which is similar to Dakar.

4 day rally Questions and answers

NSW 4 day Feb 21st-24th Bathurst start N.S.W 4 day rally entry click here

Qld 4 day Mar 21st-24th Dayboro start Q.L.D 4 day rally entry click here

We don’t camp, we stay in pubs.

You don’t need a GPS or spot tracker

There are sweep riders to help you and guide you through the course. We do supply the GPS course to all those with GPs units so they can ride at their own pace .

The 4 days rides can be very valuable for riders who wish to learn a bit more about GPS navigation. Usually on the first night we are changing a lot of settings and loading different map sets into GPS units so they become suitable for bush work.

Here is a schedule for the NSW 4 day in Feb.

Wed 20th at 6-00 pm meet at the MT Victoria hotel which is just near Bathurst. We load GPS units and have dinner and a few beers

Thursday 21st 7-00 am start riding and get to Murrumbateman then stay the night.

Friday22nd 7-00am start riding and get to Benambra Vic

Saturday23rd riding to Majors creek

Sunday 24th riding back to Mt Victoria getting back at about 4-00 pm

Riders have to pay for their meals and alcohol as well as their bed in the pub which is usually $30 per night.

Gear you need carry

Cloths for pub


Spare tube and tools for your bike.

Will this ride suite my ability?

If you can ride pretty well you should turn up with a GPS. We will load your GPS and then the only time you will need to stop is at lunch and at the end of the day. You won’t have to sit on corners and wait for

riders. On our rides we usually have a couple of riders who are pretty handy with the steel and they will provide some fun.

If you are an average rider you will find that not stopping every five minutes will help you build rhythm and improve your riding . The navigation using a GPS often creates a level playing field amongst mates who usually ride together.

If you are just learning you will have a sweep rider behind you who will help you whenever you need it. The sweeps have a lot of experience and they really enjoy watching a rider improve over 4 days. Rather than going to a school and doing practice drills in a paddock we have 4 days to help riders improve. The fact that the rest of the riders are using a GPS to navigate means they don’t have to wait so there is little pressure on our slower riders. Our sweeps and our learners often have a massive adventure together and we have made some great friendships along the way. We all have a laugh and don’t take ourselves too seriously.. If the ride is too much for you we can refund your money for the days you miss. P.s We will keep picking you up if you keep getting up with a smile on your face.

The Huskies are coming to the next APC rally!!!

A quick fix tip for KTM 990 2011,2012 owners.(busted side stand switch)

Symptom: If your bike will run in neutral but as soon as you engage a gear it stops. 99% of the time you have a buggered side stand switch.

Here’s how you get to ride home.

1.Look down near gear lever and you will see two groups of wires going towards the side stand switch.

2.We need to grab the smaller set of wires that are in a black waterproof wrap and pull them out of the wire guide near the gear leaver.

3. At one inch past the wire guide use a knife to cut open the black cover.(carefully)

4. There is a bright green wire inside . ( there are only two wires if there are 3 you selected the wrong group of wires)

5.Cut the bright green wire and then take the green cover off the wire for about 2 cm .

6.Join the green wire to the steel wire guide near the gear lever. ( we are shorting out the neutral switch so know the neutral light will stay on even when the bike is in gear)

7. now start up the bike and pull the clutch in and select a gear. It should be fixed so keep on riding Yeh ha.. When home go and order a $60 side stand switch blank that they use for super motard (hard parts). Put switch in an fix neutral wire.

APC RALLY Mechanical disclosure: John Hudson is hopeless at all things mechanical . All information has been provided by those who know plenty more than him. Chances are he was broken down on the side of the road and either Woodsie or Marcel have saved the day.

Dakar News

Marc Com is out with a shoulder injury.

Here is the KTM Team promo video Click here

Dakar History

Here is a link to Meoni’s 950 that he raced in Dakar 2002 Click here

Cheap Gear

Here are some great deals on GPS units and UHF units.

Dick Smith have the following deals at present Garmin 62s at $249 Click here

2 watt Uniden radio Click here A pair for less then $299 they have a good earpiece setup .

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