GPS Instructions

Garmin 62 s and 60csx instructions


1. Open mapsource on computer with rally track open

2. Attach gps to computer using cable.

3.go to top of mapsource page and hit “transfer” icon at top of page

4. It should then find the gps and list it if not hit “find GPS” icon

5. Select “routes” and “waypoints” boxes then hit send

6. Once a message saying the info has been sent is displayed waite 20 seconds then disconnect gps from computer

7. Turn gps on and go to “main menu” and select “routes”

8. Scroll down to the route where you are starting from and hit enter

9. Select “navigate” then wait till you see the purple line and then follow it.

10. When you run out of purple line hit the “page ” button and go to “main Menu”

11 select routes and hit enter then select the next route and hit enter then select “navigate once more and follow the purple line once again.

The only difference between the 62 s and the 60csx is the 62 s  will select the next route automatically and you just need to hit enter where the 60 csx you simply need to find the next route manually and this would simply be the next letter in the alphabet. 

Some set up tricks

1. When hard wiring these units to the bikes make it so they have continual power. When first using the unit hold the power button in and you will see a brightness icon come on push the arrow keys to get maximum brightness.

2. A small piece of rag at the bottom of the mount will help hold the unit steady so it is easier to read.

3. “Tracks” when setting up the unit set it to “auto wrap” tracks. Otherwise you need to remember to clear the track log each day.

4. When in the coastal country set the scale to 300 meters and when at Yunta set the scale at about 1 km.

5. Half the problems i have seen with these units is when people connect and disconnect the power supply on the bike . Just do it carefully and without gloves. I would also recommend a zip tie around the unit and the bracket on the 60csx so you don’t lose it.

 Zumo 550 and 660 loading instructions.

  1. Turn gps on
  2. Hit where to
  3. Hit “favourites”
  4. If there are favourites in the gps we need to delete them. Hit just one favourite
  5. Go to edit , scroll down page and hit delete then hit back
  6. Scroll to top of favourites and Select all
  7. Then hit delete
  8. Return to starting page and hit “where to “ then hit routes
  9. If you have routes in the gps you will need to delete these. Select the route then hit “edit” then scroll down page to hit delete. If you have multiple routes hit select all and delete all the routes.
  10. Go to opening page of gps and hit the spanner at bottom of page. Next page you need to scroll down and hit the”navigation”
  11. You need to select route preference and select “off road” then hit the “avoidances” and deselect all avoidances then hit the the “recalculation mode” and turn recalculation off.
  12. Go back a page and hit the map button and then hit map info button at bottom of page and deselect cn aus and n.z. have only tracks4 aust selected.
  13. Plug gps unit into computer and open hit the “open file” icon
  14. Now hit the gpx file icon and go to the tempory folder and hit delete
  15. Now open the mapsource file in the email i sent you and then hit transfer icon at top of page
  16. Hit” send to device”
  17. It will then find the device once this is done select waypoints and route icons then hit send
  18. Once the route has been sent leave the cable attached for 20 seconds to make sure all the info gets transferred to your gps.
  19. Now disconnect your gps and turn it on and get the opening page up. You then will need to waite one minute bfore an icon saying that it has found new data and do you want to manage it now “yes”
  20. Waite till it has stopped processing then hit the spanner at bottom of page and hit” user data” then hit” import data” then hit “favourites” then hit” select all” then” hit import”
  21. Once this process has finished go back and select” routes”. When doing this next process you should mount it on the bike so it has power.  Now hit “select all” then hit “import” you will then see the unit process each route. It is not uncommon to get error messages saying that it can’t find start or finish of route you just hit “okay “ and then hit the” import” button again. You need to make sure that all 35 routes get imported. You do this by going back to the opening screen and hit the “whereto” button then select “routes” and check that you have the following routes loaded “a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,z,y,z,za,zb,zc,zd,ze,zf,zg,zh,zi” The routes have been loaded with these names because the gps units store the routes alphabetically so it is easy to find the next route when you are on the go.
  22. When you load the correct route at your start point you simply hit “where to” then “routes” then select the” route” at your start point. “you then hit “edit at bottom of page then scroll down and hit “calculate”

You then hit “off road” and then “okay” then hit “back” then hit “go” and a purple line should come up on the gps now you just follow it. Scroll in and out all the time to help navigate better.

23.  The highlighted section is the process you need to do every time you load a new route. You will know that you are getting to the end of your current route because you will see a finish flag and no purple line. When this occurs just pull over and go to the opening screen and hit the “where to” button. Then hit routes and select the next letter in the alphabet to your old route and do the steps in point 22.that are highlighted.

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