Rally track marking

  1. Yellow tape will be put on all gates that are on the rally course .
  2. There will be white arrows with” APC” on them where the track is hard to find. There will only be about twenty on the entire course.
  3. 5 meters of pink surveyors tape shall be issued to all riders. When a rider sees a dangerous obstacle they are asked to go back 50 meters before the obstacle and put about one  meters of tape on a tree or post that will warn other riders. In theory after day 2 most of the course will be marked because we have 7 starting points around the course. Riders will need to ride within their limits because they still must expect dangers on the course. If a rider comes to a dangerous washout they are asked to go back 50 meters and do a burn out across the course if there are no trees or scrub to put the tape on.

On May 15th the Apc rally team attended the Australian rally championships at Imbil in Queensland. This event was really well run and a  lot was learnt. This year they invited bikes to compete which allowed John Hudson to get real insight into the safety net that they use. There were only a few bikes but those who attended had a real blast. It is unlike the safari because you are unable to navigate in the special tests because you are simply going too fast to look down.  You do need navigation  gear to find your way on the liaison stages. The time controls are very similar to an enduro. The 400 to 690 cc bikes are the best option because you need to stop in a big hurry and accelerate out of corners in a quick and clean manner. Corner speed is where the rally is won and lost. John won the event and had top speeds of 155 kph. The damage in the cars was amazing in one 8 km section there were 6 cars crashed and very badly damaged.

Ryan Smart and ex enduro rider from Queensland won the event and he had top speeds of 210 kph. Ryan is currently leading the Australian rally championships and is showing great promise in his new sport. “SMART RACING” is on his car so keep an eye out for it on speed channel soon. After riding the course on a bike and have times in that were in the last 40 % of the field all the bike riders came away with a great deal of respect for the rally drivers.

Marcel from workshop 2000 came to the event after preparing  Johns bike and worked all weekend to keep the bike running at 100%. Marcel is now very busy preparing bikes for the APC Rally if you require his services please call him on 0438 012190. He is the mechanic who will be at the Simpson desert camp during the rally.

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