Spot Tracker Set Up Hints

I got my new spot tracker this week from GPS oz . When purchasing your unit you need to advise them who your primary and secondary contact is. You will need their name and phone numbers. Whoever you make for these contacts I would recommend that you have at least one non bike related person because it won’t make sense to nominate one of your mates who is sitting in the desert with you. They need to have a mobile numbers because a text message is sent. You should pick someone who is always near their mobile phone.
In your need assistance message I would recommend the following: i have broken down and need assistance. I am not injured but do need a ute with tie downs to come from the closest town. Please go to my spot tracker url to see my location http;hfhadhsjssssajsaas
In your sos message i would recommend the following info to be in your message. Example only I am an adventure bike rider. I have probably been involved in a motorcycle accident and need immediate medical assistance to this location . My wifes number and mobile phone number are as follows. I am a Qld resident and have MBF health insurance.DOB 7-11-67 Male and no known allergies have had morphine before.

When you receive your spot tracker you should go onto the website and log into your account. The gps oz guys have been instructed to set up accounts for all our riders .

Once in the site hit the Tab

  1. MY GPS Locations

In this page you will see: Looking to configure your device settings. Please click on this and you will see your primary and secondary contact details. If you go the  edit section on the right hand side of the page you will be able to write the message you want. Once this has been completed you need to tackle the next job and that is creating a shared page.

On the first page of your spot tracker website you will see a tab with “Share “on it. You click on this and then go to “public shared page” you then ask it to create this page. You should now go outside and put your spot tracker on and turn on the tracking function. Give this about twenty minutes.

You then go to the public shared page and you will see your location come up. The url which is the internet address for the page you are on is the one you should send to all your mates and to APC rally headquarters which is me  at this address. Advise your friends to use the satellite function as well as the map function when you are in the rally so people can see the terrain you are going through

Your url address look like this:

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