Rec Licence

Recreation, Mini, Offical & Entrant Licence Application 2011

Follow the link for your state to download the application form:

Please allow up to two weeks for your licence to be processed and returned to you.

Entrants Valid for 1 year $100.00

 Speedway MechanicValid for 1 year $ 15.00

 OfficialsValid for 4 years $ 15.00

RecreationalValid for practice and trail rides only for riders over 16 $ 85.50

RecreationalFamily members of existing licence holder $ 68.40

Mini LicenceFor Non-Competition. 4-15 yrs incl $ 85.50Replacement  

 Following loss or destruction of original licence $ 20.00   (Pls do end of June)

Please refer to the Motocycling Licensing website for the state you live in and download the recreational motorcycle license application form. Please find links for your state below.

QLD  NSW: (Click link and go to competitor information -> competitor licence application.) NT  VIC  SA WA TAS

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